NEWS (2024)

Doctor Arcana and the Secret of Shadowspire, sequel to The Cabinets of Doctor Arcana is nearing completion. A landing page has been created on Steam so be sure to add it to your wishlist to be notified of the release.

The new game will pick up right where the first game leaves off, taking the new Arcanum initiate to a legendary island to explore an ancient castle known as Shadowspire. The new game will include some added features to help players as they embark upon a dark adventure to investigate the crypts and halls of a mysterious castle. Once again, Doctor Arcana will be ever-present to watch over players and lend his "guidance" when needed. As with the first game, Shadowspire will feature a haunting soundtrack by Nox Arcana.
       And there will be puzzles. Oh yes. Doctor Arcana and the Secret of Shadowspire is in its final stages of development, but we'll keep you updated on current progress in the coming months.

After unearthing the secrets of Arcana Manor, there's barely enough time to catch your breath before you are whisked away to a mysterious Island where a new adventure awaits. Enter, if you dare, the legendary castle known as Shadowspire and attempt to resolve the maze of perplexing puzzles, confounding conundrums and treacherous traps that lie in wait. Use your wits to pass the ancient trials of the Elders as you uncover sinister secrets of the Arcanum that have been hidden for centuries.

New Features

July 29,2021

Work is progressing steadily on Shadowspire. We've been busy creating the castle's inner chambers and filling them with perplexing puzzles and treacherous traps for the brave souls who dare to accept this mission. Those who rise to the challenge will discover that Arcana Manor was merely a testing ground to prepare Initiates for what lies in wait within the walls of Shadowspire. Here's a peek at a few of the areas inside the ancient keep.

Jan 23,2022

Brave souls who dare to accept this challenge will discover that Shadowspire's ancient secrets lie hidden throughout time, locked away beyond a gauntlet of diabolical puzzles and deadly traps. Once you enter, choose your path wisely. One wrong step may be your last.

Sept 2,2022

Why would anyone dare to venture into these dark realms and subject themselves to such grueling trials of wit and wisdom? It seems that, to some, the call of glory and the mysterious allure of Shadowspire are enough to justify facing the deadly challenges that lie within. For those fearless souls who are eager to see what fate awaits them within these ancient halls, we offer new glimpses of some of the castle's sinister realms.

Feb 12,2023

While a myriad of mysteries and perplexing puzzles await within the halls of Shadowspire, those who explore this ancient citadel will also discover sacred secrets of the Arcanum. As the plot unfolds, initiates who delve deep into the forgotten past will bring to light the shadowy history of the Arcanum as well as revelations regarding their own destined fate.

Aug 6,2023

Each new door leads to a different place in time that harbors its own mysteries and challenges. Sacred temples of the past hold treasured artifacts that are essential to your quest. Can you overcome the multitude of mystifying obstacles that stand in your way, or will you remain forever trapped within Shadowspire's dark grasp? The challenge awaits.

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